Common Dental Problems

Below are some terms that describe common dental issues. A patient may have one or more of these problems that can be addressed by orthodontic treatment.


This is when the upper front teeth come down to cover too much of the lower front teeth. In some cases, lower front teeth might even hit the roof of the mouth.


When upper teeth don’t line up properly with the bottom teeth. Instead, they sit inside the lower arch of teeth. This can result in misaligned jaw growth and contributes to facial asymmetry.

Open Bite

When upper and lower front teeth do not meet, leaving an “open” space which can cause difficulty biting and chewing. This can be caused by harmful habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.


This very common problem means a tooth does not have enough room in the mouth to erupt properly from the gum.


Gaps may be caused by missing teeth or may be a cosmetic issue. Smaller teeth or a larger jaw can result in spacing which can be corrected with treatment.


Occurs when upper teeth extend too far forward, and the lower teeth are not forward enough. This type of bite relationship can affect the appearance as well as function of teeth.

Dental Mid-lines not Matching

Upper and lower mid-lines not lining up properly can negatively influence dental function.

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