Helping keep everything straight.

After your braces are removed, the retention period begins. Retention is just a big word for wearing your retainers as instructed by Dr. Verduci. Wearing retainers is important to maintain your orthodontic treatment results.

Take care of your retainers and they’ll take care of you!

Retainers do their job the best when they are worn as directed by your orthodontist. Once braces are removed your teeth naturally want to move back to where they once were. They cannot do their job if they’re sitting on your nightstand or in your purse. Wearing your retainers after braces is the only way to preserve your smile.

Whenever you remove your retainers it is important to keep them clean. If you keep your retainers they’ll last longer and better preserve your smile.

If your retainers are not in your mouth they should be in the case provided. Retainers are easy to loose and expensive to replace, and pets love to chew them up. Keep your retainers safe with the case provided from our office.

Our office offers a multitude of different colors and patterns that your retainer can come in, even glow in the dark! Dr. Verduci creates personalized treatment plans for each patient and once the braces come off patients can personalize how they keep everything straight.

If your retainer is ever lost, broken, or no longer fits it is important to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist right away. Your orthodontist wants your smile to be perfect for a lifetime and retainers are the only way to ensure that that’ll happen.

Preserve that healthy, beautiful smile you worked so hard to get.

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