Patient Testimonials

My brother and I were both treated by Dr. Verduci and we could not be happier with our smiles! Dr. Verduci and his staff combine professionalism and experience with a warm and sincere demeanor. He always takes time to listen to concerns and questions and he thoroughly explains everything, each step of the way. The individual attention given to every patient is unparalleled. He truly cares for his patients and their families.” – David

Dr. Verduci’s work is unmatched! As one of Dr. Verduci’s earliest patients, I can speak to the consistent quality of his work and the standard of his care. I have been out of braces for over 8 years now, and his office still calls to check-in and schedule appointments when needed. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Verduci and his staff to any person looking for exceptional orthodontic results.” – Andrea K

Our Laboratory has served many orthodontic offices for the past 30 years. I feel compelled to offer an opinion on the quality to be found in outstanding practices. We have the position to observe each case with a beginning model to a finished case. It is my opinion that the office of Massimo Verduci is one of the very best and most talented doctors we have the pleasure of serving. In summary, we feel that Dr. Verduci’s Final records even put a smile on the face of Bevol Laboratory.” – Bob Anderson (owner)

Dr. Verduci always takes the extra step in explaining the current and future progress of his patients with all involved, and never grows impatient with any questions asked.”

My children and I have always received professional and courteous treatment by Dr. Verduci and his staff. After any particularly difficult procedure my family has always received a telephone call later in the evening from the doctor asking if my child was feeling fine and inquiring about any questions we might have. This kind of selfless compassion rarely exists in the medical profession anymore and is greatly appreciated. “

Dr. Verduci has an uncanny memory in remembering details about all of his patients and family. He engages everyone in friendly conversation making every patient and their family feel important.”

Dr Verduci is a truly new-school doctor with old-school ways. He takes the extra step to carefully explain all of the current and future procedures with his patients, and is available at a moment’s notice should an emergency arise. We always receive a late evening follow-up phone call after any unusual or difficult procedure.” – Troy B. and Family

When we came into Dr. Verduci’s office nearly 3 years ago we were treated like family from the start. He took the time to explain every aspect of treatment and what we would expect from his services. After every major procedure was performed we received a personal phone call from Dr. Verduci asking how our daughters were doing. We could not be happier with the services provided or the results that we have seen from our two daughters. It is a pleasure every time we walk into his office.” – The H. Family

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